Monday, June 5, 2023
Curry Night for Ty Bryngwyn

Curry Night for Ty Bryngwyn

Rev Eldon Phillips Flogs It

AROUND 70 people turned up at the Sultan Restaurant in Llanelli to support a fund raiser for the Ty Bryngwyn Hospice. The event was organised by the Chairman of Llanelli Rural Council Steven Donoghue. During the evening the Reverend Eldon Phillips auctioned a number of items including a signed Man Utd football shirt and a signed Tottenham Hotspur football shirt. In all the evening raised over £500 for the charity. Steven Donoghue thanked all who attended and gave generously. Chairman of the hospice charity David Craddock spoke about the work being undertaken at the hospice including fitting out a room for a younger person and replacing furniture. As well as the auction there was a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses including The Diplomat Hotel, The LC2 Centre in Swansea and Jollies @TheExchange.

To donate to the Ty Bryngwyn Hospice you can visit their funding page here

Rev Eldon Phillips, Mr and Mrs Clive Thomas, Mr and Mrs Steven Donoghue, John Evans, Eryl Morgan and staff at the Sultan

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