Criminal Behaviour Order handed to a Ammanford repeat offender.

Criminal Behaviour Order handed to a Ammanford repeat offender.

AN Ammanford man has been handed a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) for repeat offending.

Andre Dobson, 37, of Ammanford, pleaded guilty to a charge of racially aggravated public order and possession of cannabis and was handed a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) at Llanelli Magistrates Court on (July 22), following an application by the Ammanford Neighbourhood Policing Team.
The CBO was issued to Dobson in relation to these offences and as a result of his anti-social behaviour around the Ammanford area in recent months, including hitting out at objects with his umbrella and shouting at people.

The order will run for two years and Mr Dobson will have to comply with the following condition:

must not act in an anti-social manner, that is to say, a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any member of the general public; behaviour such as but not limited to, shouting and swearing or threatening violence to any members of the general public.

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PCSO Rhian James said ‘These incidents have had a significant impact on the lives of the local residents. We will continue to clamp down hard on those who behave in an anti-social manner. We hope that this Criminal Behaviour Order reassures those in the community, who have witnessed Dobson’s behaviour, that action will be taken to address their concerns.”

PC Steve Morris said “Since the new restructure The Neighbourhood Policing Team(NPT) it allows officers to proactively work towards solving problems in the Community. Criminal Behaviour Orders are not new, but certainly a new response from us in the NPT.”

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