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Covid 19 enforcement team needed to help support businesses in Swansea

Covid 19 enforcement team needed to help support businesses in Swansea

BUSINESSES in Swansea are set to get more help and advice about covid 19 rules with the creation of a new team at Swansea Council.

The council wants to recruit eight Covid 19 enforcement officers who will join existing public health officers, providing help and guidance on a wide range of regulations to businesses including pubs, restaurants and supermarkets. They will also help take enforcement action against businesses ignoring regulations designed to keep the public safe.

Some of the new recruits will also help the regional response and track and trace team where individuals are required to self-isolate and help contain the coronavirus.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Delivery and Operations, said: “Since the start of coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of new regulations designed to protect everyone, our existing environmental health teams have had to take on extra duties to deal with this important work. This worked fine when we were only operating limited council services and we redeployed staff to take on covid 19 specific roles.

“Now that the council is operating fully and businesses in the city are back open, we need to increase our team to support these businesses and keep the operating, helping to get our economy back on its feet.

“We have thousands of businesses in Swansea that need support in order to understand the new regulations and restrictions linked to covid 19.

“Recently closure notices have been issued to businesses because they have either failed to implement certain measures or are possibly not fully aware of what they need to do.

“The new team will be invaluable in helping businesses implement important safety measures so that the public and their staff are safe. They will also support our existing enforcement team and take any action against businesses ignoring covid 19 rules.

“Enforcement is a last resort and it’s not something the council does lightly. We would much rather businesses are open and operating safely but we have to be responsible so we can get the virus under control.”

For more information about the role, or to apply visit our jobs pages here. Closing date 26 October 2020.

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