Sunday, April 2, 2023
Councillors saddened by Llanelli job losses

Councillors saddened by Llanelli job losses

Llanelli Town Councillors expressed their sadness that two buildings in Llanelli will be closing down with the loss of jobs and community facilities. The Department for Work and Pensions will be closing its doors with the loss of 146 jobs in the Llanelli area.

At the Town Council meeting, which took place on Wednesday (Oct 4) responding to item no5 on the agenda, a letter from Damien Hinds MP Minister for Employment regarding the proposed closure of the DWP building Cllr  Jan Williams said: “I am very saddened I feel there is nothing at this stage that we can do other than to say we deplore it and wish it was otherwise.”

Cllr Sean Rees expressed his sadness and concern saying: “On behalf of the Plaid Cymru group here this evening we too are strongly opposed to this office closure. What’s disappointed us is the tories rejection of the County Council’s alternative office space. Our thoughts are with the 146 people who have been affected. There are many families behind those people as well. Many of the Llanelli workers are elderly. It is going to have a big effect on our town centre. I am sure we will all look at cross party working here to continue to campaign and voice our strong opposition to this injustice to our communities.”

It was unanimously decided to note the reply from Damien Hinds.

Item no6 on the agenda was to consider an email reply from Ms. Sarah Cottrell, Network Operations Manager and the closure of the Furnace Post office. Cllr Jan Williams commented:  “Again very saddened by this. The post offices seem to be closing all over the place. We were talking earlier about the elderly people finding it difficult. I am elderly myself and I find it very difficult going to some post offices. They served a purpose, not just for getting things but for people meeting others. Loneliness has always been a problem. They performed more important things than people realised. There is nothing we can do we have done everything we can.”

Also on the agenda was a presentation from representatives of the Hywel Dda Health Board and nominations for the Carmarthenshire Sports Awards. Two items on the agenda were held in camera. They were item no1: Parc Howard – To consider notes of the officer meeting held on 31st August 2017 and the representatives meeting held on 19th September 2017. Item no 12: Future management of parks and sports facilities. To consider the Town Clerk’s verbal report.

At this point Llanelli Online was asked to leave the council chamber.


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