30th July 2021

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BURRY Port County Councillors John James and Amanda Fox presented a petition to reinstate the public toilets on the lifeboat side of the harbour to the Full County Council today in Chamber County Hall.

Carmarthenshire Council initially said that the toilets – near the former lifeboat station – had been targeted by vandals, and that public toilets just across the harbour were due to be upgraded within the next 12 months.

A vote has now passed in the county council, and the situation is being looked at again.

In a joint statement, they said: “A key factor is that the public are not asking for additional toilets, they are requesting that the ones removed be replaced.

“We have an ageing population that suffer from the ailments that come in later life, and readily available toilets play a very important part in ensuring they can cope with these needs in a proper and dignified manner.

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“But it’s not just the elderly that this action impacts upon. Other vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children and people with disabilities, as well as their carers, are also affected.”

“We give a genuine and sincere commitment to this Council, but as elected County Council representatives for Burry Port we represent Burry Port first and foremost”


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