Councillors highlight ‘appalling’ living conditions for Tyisha family

TWO County Councillors have highlighted what they claim are ‘appalling’ and ‘unacceptable’ living conditions for a family with children in a property in the Tyisha ward.

Cllr Suzy Curry and Cllr Andre McPherson took to social media today, Tuesday (Feb 5) to air their views via a video.

In the video Cllr Curry said she was shocked to see a contraption in a child’s bedroom designed to catch leaking rainwater. Cllr McPherson said that the electricity had been disconnected for over two years and that the family before the current residents had the same problems.

Cllr Curry said: “We had a meeting today with Gwalia, because unbelievably this is a Gwalia property.  Gwalia have cancelled the meeting today because they didn’t think it was beneficial for the residents or the organisation for the meeting to go ahead. We will be writing to the Welsh Government Minister.”

Responding to the complaints Nick Read, Head of Income and Intervention for the Pobl Group said:

“This is a difficult situation and we appreciate it has resulted in a living situation that is unacceptable for anything other than the very short term.

“The only long term solution is a complete roof replacement for this home and neighbouring properties, with the inevitable upheaval this will entail.

“That work is scheduled to be completed within the next 6 months, in coordination with residents of all affected properties.

“The still system shown in the video was installed on 9th January 2019 following discussions with the residents and was done so as an attempt to provide a short term solution that would allow the family to remain in the property.

“We were sorry to learn that this is now not meeting our customers’ needs and have arranged to meet with them to revisit alternative options including alternative accommodation.

“We have spoken with the councillors today and arranged to meet with them and the residents at the property as soon as is practical to explain the context for the solution that has been put in place, confirm our plans for roof replacement and revisit alternative options for people living at the property until the roof replacement is completed.”

Cllr Curry and McPherson made the following appeal:

Do you have problems with Gwalia / Pobl? If you do and you live in Tyisha Ward please get in touch and tell us about your experiences / problems.
Cllr Suzy Curry 0756 1566 456
Cllr Andre McPherson ‭07583 525635‬


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