Monday, June 5, 2023
Councillors help Ysgol Llannon pupils to record speeding motorists

Councillors help Ysgol Llannon pupils to record speeding motorists

SPEEDING is an issue in most villages in Carmarthen including Llannon. Now the community councillors have decided to take action and make their village safer for everyone by training to be able to undertake a community speed watch.

On Wednesday (Feb 7) Cllr Kim Thomas, Cllr Will James, Cllr Mike Jones and Cllr Dot Jones were joined by four children and the head of Ysgol Llannon School, Marie Langabeer as they undertook their first community speed watch.

Cllr Jones said: “The Children were very involved and within 30 minutes seven vehicles were recorded exceeding the speed limit.

“Headteacher Marie Langabeer said: “Members of the Healthy Schools council have aired their concerns about the speed of traffic travelling through the village and they did not feel it was safe to walk to school.

“Therefore we welcome the opportunity to work with the community council to raise awareness of speed safety in order to create a safer village, where pupil wellbeing and safety is paramount.
“By working together to make our village safer, more of our pupils would feel safer walking to school. This would have a positive effect on congestion at the school gate and also increase pupil physical well being and independence.

Comments from the children who took part included;
Callum “Lots of cars are speeding and I don’t feel safe on the pavement!”
Lexi “I live there and the cars are going too fast for me to cross the road.”
Isabel “Some cars didn’t slow down when they saw us all watching their speed.”
Morgan “It scares me when cars are going so fast.”

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