Councillors get a taste of Greenfield Chapel’s soup kitchen

Councillors get a taste of Greenfield Chapel’s soup kitchen

LLANELLI Town Councillors made their way to a newly opened soup kitchen on Wednesday (Jul 25).

Town councillors Chris and Sara Griffiths and Rural councillor Tegwen Devichand have offered their full support to the new venture, which has been orchestrated by Reverend David Jones of Greenfield Chapel.

It started life in June of this year and has been running for the past 6 weeks with support from one of the first soup kitchens in the town at Y Lle on Old Castle Road.

Reverend David Jones sought the advice of Gary Glennister who had been supplying soup and food to the homeless for the last couple of years in Llanelli. Gary had originally set up the soup kitchen in a tent at the town hall square before being invited to use the warmer climes of Y Lle.

This won’t be the first time that Greenfield Chapel has fed the homeless or those in need. Back in 1926 there was a soup kitchen at the chapel during the general strike

During the six weeks the soup kitchen has catered for the needs of the homeless and those struggling to make ends meet. Cllr Sara Griffiths said: “It is not just the homeless who need this help. We have seen people coming here who are in employment but who are just struggling with finances. There really are people from all walks of life calling in and they are all made to feel very welcome.

“As councillors we also signpost them to vital services provided by the local authority. Reverend Jones is passionate about the cause and this is echoed by his congregation who have given generously of their time and money.

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“It was lovely to see people coming in and sharing food and drink, having a chat and getting to know each other. There was a lot of empathy on display.”

The newly formed group will be non political and will address the wider issues of poverty within the town. Included in that group at present are Reverend David Jones, Paul Sheridan (Manager of the Wallich), Cllrs Chris and Sara Griffiths and Cllr Tegwen Devichand.

Anyone wishing to donate warm clothing, sleeping bags or food should contact Greenfield Chapel.

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