Sunday, June 4, 2023
Councillor who was stripped of seat following death of her son is re-elected

Councillor who was stripped of seat following death of her son is re-elected

A councillor who lost her seat because she missed council meetings as a result of grieving the loss of her terminally ill son has been re-elected this evening, Thursday (Jul 15).

Fozia Akhtar had represented Labour in the Pemberton and Llwynhendy ward on Llanelli Rural Council. She had accused the council of lacking empathy. The councillor received support from her Labour colleagues and put herself forward once more to serve her community.

The results of the by-election are as follows:

Fozia Akhtar – Welsh Labour 364
Sean Dixon – Independent 223
Karl Morgan – Plaid Cymru 114
Christopher William David Passmore – Welsh Liberal Democrats 5

Overall turnout 22%
Postal vote turnout 53%

Following the victory Fozia Akhtar said: “I am truly humbled by the level of support that has been shown to me and my family in recent weeks. 

“I want to be clear that this is an election that should have been avoided, saving thousands of taxpayers funds, which could have gone towards improving our area.

“I am extremely passionate about these communities of ours and I truly believe Pemberton and Llwynhendy’s best days lie ahead. I want to thank each and every voter for supporting our campaign and I will continue to work everyday for the benefit of our area. I also want to thank those Councillors on Llanelli Rural Council that put party politics aside and provided so much support during this difficult time.”

Cllr Rob James who supported the Welsh Labour candidate said: “I am thrilled to see Fozia returned decisively to Llanelli Rural Council by the voters of Llwynhendy and Pemberton.

“Fozia is an extremely hardworking Councillor who is always fighting for her communities in County Hall and in Council meetings. 

“It is clear from campaigning in Llwynhendy that the area is being let down by Plaid Cymru and Independent Councillors and we look forward to illustrating the positive alternative we can make in County Hall after next years local elections.”

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