13th August 2022

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Councillor spurned for role as Mayor by Town Council gets Vice Chair of County Council position

A community stalwart who was allegedly spurned for the position of Mayor of Llanelli by the new Town Council administration has been offered the position of Vice Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council.

Louvain Roberts a retired midwife and an independent councillor was scheduled to become Mayor of Llanelli following the local elections but the incoming administration made a sideways move and opted to install Labour’s Phillip Warlow. Some have speculated that the move was in response to the establishment of a new independent group which saw former Labour councillors including Cllr Roberts join the party.

It is not a unique occurrence. When Labour lost administration of the Town Council Cllr John Prosser was set to be Mayor. He was also sidelined in favour of Cllr Michael Cranham, an independent and  representative from the new administration.

A spokesperson for the new Independent group said: “We are overjoyed by the inauguration of Cllr Louvain Robert’s as Vice chair of Carmarthenshire County Council. Cllr Robert’s was nominated by the last administration to become mayor of Llanelli a town Council. However, on the change over of the administration, this was not to be the case. Fortunately for Cllr Robert’s as one door closes another opens, providing her the opportunity to oversee the whole of Carmarthenshire as vice chair. Cllr Robert’s is a well respected pillar of the community and is looking forward to her new role.”

Louvain Roberts: New Vice Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council

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