Monday, June 5, 2023
Councillor eyes County’s coffers for children who queue for free meals

Councillor eyes County’s coffers for children who queue for free meals

Trallwn Hall Free Summer Lunch from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Watch our special report on what has become a growing issue for families across the U.K. as they struggle to feed children during the school holidays. It has led one local councillor to call for schools to remain open and to be staffed by trainee teachers and catering staff in order to meet the growing need to feed the children.

Councillor Sharen Davies told Llanelli Online that the County Council should consider prioritising the feeding of children within families who cannot cope during the school holidays if they are truly committed to the Future Generations and Well Being Act. The County Council has embarked on a regime of cuts across the county and they are selling off assets such as old school buildings and adjacent land. Numerous new developments are also springing up in the county bringing in enormous amounts of revenue yet the children of Llwynhendy have to rely on the kindness of local businesses like Castell Howell Foods. Councillor Davies did not rule out the prospect of the County Council dipping into their pot of money nor the prospect of councillors donating some cash in order to facilitate more projects like the one at Trallwm Hall, which has seen hundreds of children pour through its doors.


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