Saturday, June 3, 2023
Council support White Ribbon Day

Council support White Ribbon Day

Carmarthenshire County Council are showing our support for White Ribbon Day once again this year, our video is attached.

Our aim is to raise awareness and work towards ending male violence against women.

While domestic abuse affects both sexes, the largest number of violent incidents involve
men against women.

But ultimately male violence against women is everyone’s issue, not just women’s.

One local support group, CalanDVS, will be holding an e-chat for staff on Wednesday,
November 30 at 9.30am.

Organised by the Health and Wellbeing team the session will cover:

the different types of Domestic Abuse, i.e physical, emotional, financial, sexual and
coercive control
VAWDA SV legislation and the Domestic Abuse act
stigma and stereotypes
where help is available (local and national) including apps and technology
how to ask and act upon suspicions
how to use targeted inquiries
The intranet’s What’s On page has more information and how to join the session.

Our revised policy for supporting employees experiencing domestic abuse, domestic
violence, or sexual violence contains guidance on how to support victims or survivors, and
how to deal with perpetrators of these forms of violence or abuse when they are employees
of the council.

It also contains information on how disclosures can be sensitively handled in the workplace,
how to spot the signs of domestic abuse, and encourages all staff to offer informal support
as well as challenge inappropriate behaviour in the spirit of the White Ribbon campaign.

The policy also outlines the supportive measures available to employees experiencing
domestic abuse such as:

safe leave and time away from work under the revised Time off Policy
occupational health, wellbeing, and counselling services
access to external support agencies / specialist providers
flexible working arrangements
partnership working with trade union colleagues
Further information can be found on our Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence pages of the
intranet, where you can also read the full policy.

Support locally can be found at: Threshold (Llanelli) on 01554 752 422 or www.threshold-; Calan DVS (Ammanford) on 01269 597 474 or;
Carmarthen Domestic Abuse Service on 01267 238 410 or and Goleudy
on 0300 123 2996 or or call the Live Fear Free
Helpline on 0808 80 10 800 or visit for free advice and
support 24/7

For more information on the White Ribbon campaign and to make the promise online to
“never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women” visit

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