IN order to know who is eligible to register to vote Carmarthenshire County Council needs to know who lives at your address. The canvass communication that is currently being posted to every household in Carmarthenshire is designed to collect this information.

If you have been sent a canvass communication confirming the names of people already living at your address, and there are no changes, you do not need to respond.

If you have been sent a canvass communication which asks you to make any changes, you need to respond by law and provide the information requested on the form, this can be done online or by returning the form in the envelope provided. Note the address on the return envelope – Carmarthenshire County Council uses a secure Electoral Scanning Service to process returned Electoral Forms.

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Please remember that all qualifying 14-16-year olds and foreign nationals can now register for Senedd Elections and you should provide their details.

If you are asked to respond to the form, we urge you to respond promptly, this will save time and money in sending out reminders.

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