Monday, February 6, 2023
Council must choose to fight Tory cuts

Council must choose to fight Tory cuts

Dear Editor,

In the very near future Carmarthenshire County councillors will be deciding whether to fight Tory cuts passed on by a Labour Welsh Assembly Government or to accept them. Unfortunately it seems that yet again that this Plaid led council will choose (and yes it is a choice) to continue to administer Tory cuts that devastate lives and services in Carmarthenshire. The consequences of passing on cuts means working class people and their communities will suffer. While the budget settlement is less harsh than expected (an election sweetener from the Tories), the fact is that £16.5m of cuts over three years coming on top of previous cuts will have a serious impact. But not if you believe the council sham public online consultation where the word efficiencies and savings have been substituted for the word cuts 18 and 49 times. There was no mention of cuts in the public consultation. Not satisfied with hoodwinking the public the council threatens you with a council tax rise if you don’t agree to the proposed ‘saving or ‘efficiency’ or if you don’t propose another cut. This is a Hobson’s choice based on false consequences. So its cuts to services or a council tax rise -well you will get both. In practical terms that means threats to close your recycling centre in Whitland and closure of public conveniences, increased cemetery charges or asking for ‘voluntary’ £1 donations for breakfast clubs. These are just a small example of how you the public have the burden placed on you because the council refuses to make a stand. Carmarthenshire County Unison will be lobbying the council calling on them to implement our No Cuts Budget and join with Unison and the other trade unions and community campaigns to defend jobs, services and our communities. We will be lobbying the Executive Board meeting on Monday 24th February from 8.30am and the Full council on Tuesday 3rd March from 8.30am where the budget is being agreed. If you are opposed to the cuts come and join us.

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