5th July 2022

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Council looks to improve tenants services following results of tenants survey

IF you’re an elderly council tenant who lives in a bungalow in a rural area of Carmarthenshire, you’re likely to be pretty satisfied.

But tenants aged 35-54 in some Llanelli, Ammanford and Carmarthen urban wards tend to be less satisfied, a council survey has found.

A total of 2,087 council tenants out of 7,312 who were contacted responded to the survey.

It asked about overall services, value for money, repairs and maintenance, the neighbourhood, and anti-social behaviour, among others.

Tenants had five choices of answer, ranging from “very dissatisfied” to “very satisfied” with “neither” in the middle.

The 82% satisfaction rating for overall services was the highest score, with tenants aged over 65 or under 25 more satisfied than age groups in between.

Also, new tenants were more satisfied than those who had been with the council for three to 10 years, while below-par satisfaction levels were recorded in Carmarthen North, and Lliedi and Glanymor in Llanelli.

These findings were broadly repeated throughout the survey.

The lowest score was the 58% satisfaction level for how anti-social behaviour was dealt with. Tenants in Carmarthen Town North and Tyisha, Llanelli, were significantly less satisfied than the average.

These findings result correlated with neighbourhood satisfaction, although the overall county-wide figure was a positive 85%.

Questions about value for money included asking tenants if those living in popular neighbourhoods should pay more rent, but this idea did not get much support.

The council owns more than 9,000 properties, spends more than £9 million on repairs and maintenance per year and invests in upgrades, and receives around £40 million in rent.

In response to the survey findings, it proposes to carry out in-depth ward analysis, better understand the anti-social behaviour score and the 35-54 age group, and also focus on what went well.

Workshops will be held throughout the county where tenants can speak to officers.

Executive board member for housing, Cllr Linda Evans, said: “It is pleasing to see that generally satisfaction levels are high, but that does not mean there is room for complacency and improvements can always be made.

“We are now working with colleagues from other departments like repairs and grounds maintenance to look at ways of improving the services tenants receive.”

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