Friday, January 27, 2023
Council loan to finance architect’s expansion plans

Council loan to finance architect’s expansion plans

A FORMER hostel in Llanelli is now home to a firm of architects, with the help of a £167,000 loan from Carmarthenshire Council.

The three-storey townhouse in Queen Victoria Road used to be a YWCA hostel.

It stood empty for years before Darkin Architects relocated there from its three-room premises on John Street.

The move is being helped by the loan, agreed by council leader Emlyn Dole under the Llanelli and Ammanford Town Centre Loan scheme.

David Darkin, the firm’s managing director, said he was grateful for the council’s support.

He said: “It’s taken us over two years and signifigant resources to secure the building and the funding, but it presents an amazing opportunity for us to grow our business, allowing us the room to take on extra team members as we expand.”

Mr Darkin claimed the building had previously been earmarked as a potential bail hostel.

The bigger office, he said, would lead to three additional staff being hired by the end of the year.

He added: “We’re also looking forward to renovating the building, giving it a fresh look and adding signs in the near future.”

The town centre loan scheme comprises an £895,000 pot of money, with various eligibility criteria applying.

Cllr Dole has also agreed a separate £65,000 grant to help rebuild the former Kings Diner, Ammanford.

It will become ground-floor commercial space and residential accommodation above.

The grant comes under the Ammanford Regeneration Development Fund, which is financed from the council’s capital budget.

The fund’s aim is to increase vitality and employment in the town.

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