Sunday, April 2, 2023

Council Elections

ELECTIONS  for Community and County Councils will be taking place in May. Application forms are now available from the County Council Electoral Office. The Llanedi Community Council normally meets once a month on a Wednesday evening.  Meetings take approximately three hours. Work on the council may include  being part of smaller working parties or sub committees, which are optional and voluntary.
Councillors could find themselves  attending two or three meetings a month in the evenings.  The community council has a precept added to the council tax which gives the local community council an income budget of £205,000 to be spent in the local community council area. The Llanedi Community Council meets and makes decisions on how to spend the budget they receive in their area which covers, the communities of Talyclun, Hendy, Fforest, Llanedi and the village of Tycroes.
The Community Council will also discuss many consultative issues that the County Council will ask them for comments and views on. Items include planning or highway – road safety issues.  These are just two examples however there are many more.  There are sixteen councillors  and the villages have the following representation.
Eight will represent and live in Hendy
One will represent and live in Llanedi
Seven will live and represent the village of Tycroes
The Llanedi Community Council, has a website where they place their minutes. The budget setting meeting took place in January and minutes can be read online. If you have spare time in the evenings and can attend meetings on a monthly basis, you could become a councillor. To qualify you must live in the area and must also gain support from two local residents to nominate you. If accepted and if more than sixteen people put their names forward there will be an election in May. If there are less nominations  of candidates than the allocation there would be no election as everyone nominated would become a councillor.
To find out more the number for application forms, enquiries and support is 01267 228609
Application forms are now available and the last date to return completed forms is April 4th. All nomination forms must be completed and returned before this date.

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