Council condemns vandalism of bilingual signs

Council condemns vandalism of bilingual signs

Carmarthenshire County Council has condemned the vandalism of bilingual road signs across the county. Signs have been spray painted and Yes Cymru stickers have been placed on numerous signs across the county.

In a statement the council said: “As a council we are committed to bilingualism, giving equal status to Welsh and English languages in everything we do. It is disappointing that someone has defaced our signage in this way, as spraying over the English language place names does a disservice to local people and visitors who may wish to learn and understand our beautiful Welsh place names. Of course, this criminal damage is also costly to clear – in both time and money. The culprit should think about the burden they are putting on already stretched resources which could be much better used.”

Gwynoro Jones is a former MP for Carmarthenshire and well remembers the struggle over the Welsh language and the protests including the vandalism of English place name signs.

Gwynoro said: “This is mindless and pointless. The battle for the Welsh language has been won. If someone wants to learn Welsh they have to see both the English and Welsh together in order to understand the meaning. I know that Yes Cymru print thousands of these stickers and so it could be anyone or a small group of people sticking them to signs and one cannot rule out that they are also spraying the signs. As a Welsh speaker and supporter of the Welsh language campaigns, I do not agree with this mindless vandalism.”

We contacted Yes Cymru for a comment.

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