Sunday, June 4, 2023
Council chimney blunder almost cost us our lives

Council chimney blunder almost cost us our lives

A Llwynhendy man is claiming that work carried out by Carmarthenshire County Council at his home put his life  and his son’s life in danger.

David Lewis claims that the council turned up at his home and demolished a chimney adjoining his and his neighbour’s home without consent even though Mr Lewis owns the property.

Mr Lewis claims that it was several days before he noticed the chimney had been demolished and covered over. He told Llanelli Online “If I had switched on the gas fire me and my son could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Mr Lewis says that he has complained to the council over a period of three years and has been looking for answers and for them to admit their blunder. He says that despite help from Nia Griffith MP the council have refused to acknowledge that they were in the wrong.

Mr Lewis says that this is the most worrying aspect of all as if they do not admit to their errors then it may happen again. You can watch our exclusive interview with Mr Lewis here.


Chimney from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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