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Commendation ceremony honours police officers and staff

Commendation ceremony honours police officers and staff

DYFED-Powys Police officers and staff have been awarded for their bravery, professionalism and commitment to duty.

A commendation ceremony was held at police headquarters on Friday, November 3, where Chief Constable Mark Collins and Deputy Chief Constable Darren Davies presented more than 60 commendations and 20 certificates of appreciation to colleagues across the force.

PC Mathew Harries, PC Ashley McAvoy and Sergeant Craig Wilkins were commended for their assistance at a collision in Llanelli. While on patrol, PCs Harries and McAvoy were flagged down by members of the public who witnessed a traffic collision.

Upon seeing the driver, officers quickly assessed his condition and realised that he was in cardiac arrest.  Both officers commenced CPR and were shortly after joined by PS Wilkins who attended with a defibrillator. The officers worked tirelessly to maintain blood flow around the casualty’s body until paramedics arrived.  Upon the arrival of medical staff, the casualty had a faint pulse.  The officers’ work allowed paramedics to continue resuscitation and transport him to hospital.

Sergeant Ceri Page received a commendation following his response to a man on a rooftop in Llanelli threatening to take his own life. The man was emotionally distressed, and had self-inflicted injuries to his face. Sgt Page was the first at the scene, and climbed to the rooftop via a skylight before scaling 30 meters of roof to communicate with the distressed man.

He established a rapport with the subject, who then collapsed.  The officer saw his chance and moved in, only for the man to get to his feet.  Sgt Page discreetly called the man to the back of the building and engaged him in conversation, buying precious time for the fire service to prepare.

The man was in possession of a knife, and through careful persuasion Sgt Page convinced him to hand it over.  While handing over the knife, the officer quickly handcuffed the man, who was by now shaking uncontrollably.

Sgt Page’s brave actions and quick thinking resulted in the man being safely taken to hospital.

PC Aled Davies, T/P Mark Guy, PC Alexa Botto, PC Steffan Phillips, PC Riccardo Hart, PCSO Joshua Jones, PC Alex James, PS Kerry Williams

In the spring of 2017, officers responded to a report of a vulnerable man in Llanelli who had threatened to cause himself harm. Initial attending officers were faced with a man suffering from the effects of substances and whose condition immediately deteriorated to being unresponsive.

Owing to the man’s condition, officers conveyed him to Prince Philip Hospital, but were required to stop en route as he was deteriorating. They were joined by colleagues who assisted in administering first aid, including the use of a defibrillator from a nearby shop, resulting in successfully reviving the man.

Upon arrival at hospital, the patient became aggressive and unpredictable, which required officers to remain with him. During this time, they showed compassion and professionalism, while ensuring the emotionally and mentally distressed man did not inflict injury to himself or others.

Each of the eight officers commended in connection with this incident played a vital role in resuscitating a vulnerable member of the public and ensuring his continued care despite the challenging and aggressive behaviour exhibited towards them.

Chief Constable Mark Collins said: “The officers and staff being awarded with Certificates of Commendation and Certificates of Appreciation have displayed bravery, professionalism and a commitment to duty. The police service has always been a vocation requiring dedication from those entrusted to serve within it and I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the communities of Dyfed-Powys for the courage and commitment shown by each of the recipients.

“I have great pleasure in awarding them with their commendations and certificates, as their achievements are a reminder to us all of the level of work, effort and support provided to the public that they service.

“Furthermore, I am well aware of the tremendous support given by both family and friends and I recognise the important part that they play in the lives of officers and staff to enable them to continue to provide a first class service to the wider community. For this, I would like to extend a personal thank you.”

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