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Coedcae pupils visit the ‘Unfair Funfair’

Coedcae pupils visit the ‘Unfair Funfair’

Members of Llanelli and District Fairtrade had a wonderful morning attending a Fairtrade event at Coedcae School today, Thursday (Mar 8).

Several junior schools attended to develop their knowledge of Fairtrade and learn by having fun.

Coedcae students were the mentors in helping the youngsters to try out three areas of fun.

The first was something called an Unfair Funfair where the youngsters seem to be going to a normal fair but nothing works so that they can feel the frustration of knowing that life can be hard especially for farmers in the Third World. It is a lesson in why we need Fairtrade.

The second was to practise African drumming, which the children loved.

The third was to learn African Art.

The youngsters pictured in the gallery come from Coedcae, Bigyn and Bynea.

Cllr Sean Rees and Cllr Michale Cranham attended the event.

Speaking to Llanelli Online after the event Cllr Sean Rees said:

 “It was great to see the children from schools across the Llanelli area getting engaged with all of the activities at Coedcae School today.

“There are now over 600 towns who have achieved Fairtrade status across the UK. Here in west Wales, there is a growing network of Fairtrade activity but Llanelli & District is unfortunately regarded as the missing link, why should our town be any different?

“I’d like to also congratulate Tara Fisher for taking the initiative and for all of her hard work so far.

“In my comprehensive school days, I was part of a sub-committee in partnership with CAFOD (The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development). We had some very productive discussions in exploring the opportunities and positive benefits that Fairtrade can bring to towns like ours as well as researching case studies from developing countries across the globe.

“We need to enhance good working conditions for our producers and farmers as well as continue to encourage more people to buy and shop locally. Advancing sustainability where possible to ensure environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society for present and future generations.”

Cllr Mike Cranham of Bigyn Ward said:
“It was a thoroughly entertaining morning. All the children seemed to enjoy themselves, actively taking part in all activities. It was lovely to see all the children participating.
“I would like to thank Tara Fisher for all of her enthusiasm and hard work that she has put into Fairtrade Llanelli.”


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