Monday, December 5, 2022
Clare’s Christmas Spinathon raises cash for Christmas Dinners

Clare’s Christmas Spinathon raises cash for Christmas Dinners

CHRISTMAS is about giving so we are told.

That message has not been lost on Llanelli’s Clare Doyle who has organised fund raising events at Christmas for a number of years. She is the person responsible for sending large numbers of Santas running around the area.

This year Clare has taken to cycling with her son replacing the annual Santa Dash with a Santa Spinathon outside Poundland at the St Elli Shopping Centre.

The event is raising funds for this years Christmas Dinner  being held at Chooselife on  Copperworks Road on Christmas Day from 12pm – 3pm.

So far Clare has raised £105.03 and will repeat the event on Monday.

Clare said that she wished to thank everyone who has supported her so far especially Snap Fitness for coming to the rescue and supplying spin bikes when she could not access hers.

To donate visit

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