Monday, March 20, 2023
Christmas Park Run Pics

Christmas Park Run Pics

While most people were maneuvering their way through the crowds at the supermarkets in search of the  best possible produce to serve up on Christmas Day and while others were out getting those last minute gifts for friends and family a hardcore of 132 runners swapped shopping trolleys and gift wrap for daps and lycra and took part in the Coast Park Run. That pixie with a camera Byron Williams was out and about snapping the fitness fanatics as they pounded the tarmac, setting off from Pwll earlier today, Saturday (Dec 23). They were we are told rewarded at the end with a complimentary mince pie. No doubt they will all be on the tread mills over Christmas such is their commitment to the art of keeping fit. Many thanks for keeping our sports page ticking over as we all wind down for a couple of days and grapple with the excesses of the festive season until the end of this year when of course we will all make that resolution to get fit in the New Year.

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