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Children of Pentip go ‘old-school’ to celebrate 150 years

Children of Pentip go ‘old-school’ to celebrate 150 years

THE pupils of Pentip VA Church in Wales have gone back to the Victorian age to celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary.

Llanelli Online visited the school on Wednesday (Jul 11) where staff and pupils were dressed in old school Victorian uniform which was once worn by pupils from the school when it opened in 1868.

For one day a number of classes replaced the high tech modern interactive whiteboards with chalk and a blackboard, giving the pupils an insight into how school would have been like all those years ago.

There was a service held at the Parish Church where pupils, parents and members of staff past and present attended to celebrate the landmark occasion for the school community.

Overview history of Pentip School

1867/1868 – Completion and opening of Pentip School

1942 – Introduction of the Free School Meals Act put pressure on the schools small kitchen

1967 – A big storm causes great damage to the school, this resulted in the bell tower being taken down (it can still be viewed on entry to the main entrance today)

1923 – A rare holiday camp opportunity for 8 children at Port Eynon

1930 – Milk supplied to the children at a cost of 1D per glass

1932 – The first school trip out of Wales when 63 children visited London

1978 – Introduction of the Art school

1984 – Introduction of the new Voluntary Aided Church in Wales Primary School

2018 – School celebrates it’s 150th anniversary – A round of applause for all those who have been part of Pentip history

Speaking on the anniversary Headmaster Mr. Thomas said: “I think the commitment of the staff, it is a caring Christian ethos that has been established from the beginning and has been maintained by all members of the school community has allowed the school to flourish for so long.”

But the school won’t stop there, they have plans to develop the outside areas including shelters and bicycle hubs.

“We would love to have a new school, but we understand that this building is steeped with a wonderful history.”

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