Charlotte Howells selected for Swim Wales Youth Panel

SWANSEA Aquatics member Charlotte Howells has been selected for the new Swim Wales Youth Panel.

The panel will support Swim Wales and the volunteer manager with future development opportunities for the governing body in order to help grow participation, development and support volunteers and engage the Welsh population through aquatic activities.

Charlotte is one of six talented individuals with varying abilities including coaching, artistic swimming, knowledge of the young ambassador and par and able-bodied competitive swimming.

Charlotte and the group will help inspire and help shape the future in the Welsh aquatics to provide a voice during this period of exciting development.

Talented swimmer: Charlotte Howells

Simon Clarke, Head of Aquatic Development said: ‘’We are delighted to have recruited a group of passionate and innovative young people, to help shape the future strategy for Aquatics in Wales.

“The Aquatic Youth Panel, the first of its kind for Swim Wales, will be tasked with identifying Aquatic opportunities of the next generation, using innovative and inclusive ways of promoting the sport and supporting our vision of Aquatics for all, forever”.

Q&A with the newly appointed member of the Swim Wales Youth Panel Charlotte Howells:

Charlotte Howells Age: 15
Which group you currently in the City Of Swansea Aquatics programme?

Development 2

What position did you apply for with Swim Wales?

I applied for a position on the Swim Wales youth panel.

Why you apply for the position of a youth panel member?

I applied for the youth panel as thought it would be a good opportunity to motivate and encourage others in Wales to participate in aquatics, and to have a say in shaping the future within Welsh aquatics.

Do you do any other volunteer roles?

I also volunteer with an organisation called Young Ambassadors for Sports Wales. I am currently a gold ambassador and have done over 100 hours of volunteering with different clubs, organisations and events, some of these including the Swim Wales events.

Do you do any other hobbies outside swimming?

Outside of swimming I also do netball and artistic swimming – synchro.

How many hours do you train a week?

On average with all of the sports I do, I train about 16 hours a week.

How do you fit it all around school?

I try to fit training around schoolwork by doing homework as soon as I get back from school, so I can then go training in the night.

What are your ambitions when you grow up?

When I grow up my ambitions are to have a career in sports science and to continue swimming.

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