Wednesday, February 1, 2023
‘Chaos’ as Brexit Negotiations reach ‘Meltdown’

‘Chaos’ as Brexit Negotiations reach ‘Meltdown’

FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones says there should be another referendum if Theresa May is replaced as PM and there’s no general election. The First Minister has described the present situation in negotiations as a ‘crisis mawr’, big crisis.

The First Minister has also written a joint letter with the First Minister of  Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon to the Prime Minister calling for a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee to discuss details of the Withdrawal Agreement and to input into the political declaration before it is finalised.

In the letter below the two First ministers urge the Prime Minister to consider the implications and impact on the citizens of Wales and Scotland.

Taking to Twitter Labour’s Tonia Antoniazzi summarised the present situation of negotiations as ‘chaos’. She said: “I want to have a peoples vote. The reason why is that people didn’t know what we were voting for in first referendum.  We are looking to the future. If we can’t get the general election we will be looking for a people’s vote with remain on the table. It is absolute chaos here today and nobody is happy with the deal on the table. I personally want a people’s vote first. My constituents have a right to vote on the actual deal.”




Just made the case for a #PeoplesVote or General Election to @NickServini Servini on @BBCWalesNews .

It’s clear there is no majority in Parliament or across the country for this Brexit chaos. People have the right to vote on the actual deal that is being presented.

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