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CETMA raise awareness of mental health with football training

CETMA raise awareness of mental health with football training

EVERY Monday between 9th April and 30th July 2018, CETMA will be hosting football training at People’s Park in Llanelli Town Centre.
The training is open to 16+ Males and is trying to help combat mental health problems in Llanelli males while getting fit at the same time.
It is hoped that CETMA’s football team will shortly play various friendlies against organisations such as the Fire Brigade and Newport County FC Community.
Llanelli Town Councillor, Sean Rees has been showing his support for the group by taking part in sessions.

Jonathan Williams, CETMA’s organiser said: “We’re coming together as a group to help other males in Llanelli with mental health Problems and to try and end the stigma.

“Training is every Monday from 6pm in People’s Park. You don’t have to be brilliant because it’s all about getting out of the house and getting involved.”

Councillor Sean Rees added: “It is a pleasure to join in with the fun at the football training in People’s Park tonight, this is what community engagement is all about.

“This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental Health must have parity with physical health. Just because you cannot see a bandage, it should not mean that a person should receive less help.

“It should also not matter how hard the economic challenges get, no one in our communities should be left behind.

“A medical support service must be provided that is tailored for the individual but also for their families and carers.

“It is now estimated that 50% of Mental Health now presents itself at the age of just 14. I therefore wish CETMA every success with this project and I hope to see it go from strength to strength.

“All of us have a responsibility to always challenge stigma, promote understanding and raise awareness on this very important issue within our communities.”

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