CDS Security Ltd is a new local security company based in Llanelli.

The company have achieved a successful contract close to home providing  24 hour security since the beginning of lockdown.

Clare Doyle a local charity worker and company director said that she is extremely proud of her amazing team who work every day, only taking days off onsite at the accommodation where they have been providing fully secured accommodation for clients from all walks in life.

The company has been providing security for 2 buildings in the town centre area.

One of those is the Coastal Park Hotel, a beautiful guest house with 20 rooms set close to the town centre and within easy reach of the beach.

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Clare and her team would like to thank all of the Llanelli Police officers who have supported her team when they were in need of assistance.

Clare said that with the potential of Covid-19  still being around well into 2021, her team will be ready to meet demand to provide safe accommodation.


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