Sunday, June 4, 2023
Carmarthenshire trail development

Carmarthenshire trail development

A trail is being developed in Carmarthenshire with ongoing work on the individual paths along its route.

The trail begins in Bynea and travels through the county including all train stations along the Heart of Wales line, and then leaves the county again north of Cynghordy.

The work is being carried out under Carmarthenshire County Council’s Rights of Way Improvement Programme and includes three bridleways covering 4.5km. The council has spent £7,216, of which £3,000 came from the British Horse Society which works closely with the council’s Outdoor Recreation division, and a further £1,000 was donated by The Heart of Wales Line project. The remainder was covered by the Rights of Way Improvement Plan grant from Welsh Government.

The work includes the replacement of countryside furniture with greater emphasis to help with least restrictive access, and a small footbridge to be installed near Carreg Cennen Castle.

Executive board member for culture, sport and tourism Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths said: “This is an ongoing programme of works, it started last year, a trail was identified and we are ensuring that all the individual paths that are used along the trail are open and accessible.

“We hope to have all necessary works in Carmarthenshire done by April 2018.”

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