Monday, March 20, 2023

Carmarthenshire schools ‘responding well to support’

TODAY’S National School Categorisation System outcomes have shown that once again schools across Carmarthenshire are responding well to support.
The primary purpose of the categorisation model is to identify the appropriate level of support for each school according to need and to ensure that, in partnership with schools and local authorities, we are able to direct our support and resources most effectively to secure the improvements necessary in our school system.

A school’s strengths and areas for improvement in standards, provision and leadership are identified during discussions with schools throughout the year. These discussions are then used to decide on the most appropriate level of support for the school.

The four regions – ERW, CSC, EAS and GwE – have carried out rigorous moderation and verification processes to ensure that the categorisation process is consistently applied across the Wales.

Gareth Morgans, Director of Education and Children’s Services, said: “The national categorisation system is focused on ensuring the most appropriate support package for each school based on its current context. We are very pleased with the overall position we have here in Carmarthenshire and it is evident that the support provided by ERW and the Local Authority has had a positive impact with many schools showing improvement.

“We will continue to support and work closely with those who need support in order to secure further development. As always, we congratulate our pupils, teachers, headteachers, governors and parents for working together to ensure every child has the best chance of reaching their potential.

To view the outcomes of the categorisation system for primary and secondary schools please visit the My Local School website

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