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Carmarthenshire Labour launches manifesto

Transparency – Social Care – Homes – Education – Public transport and Recycling: Labour’s policies

Carmarthenshire Labour will  launch their manifesto and election campaign today, Friday (Mar 31) in Llanelli, Ammanford and Carmarthen ahead of this year’s local government elections. Under the heading, Together for Carmarthenshire, Carmarthenshire Labour outline their priorities for the next five years.

In their most comprehensive manifesto to date, a 32 page document containing 79 commitments across nine areas, Carmarthenshire Labour outlines what a Labour-led Council would do for the people of Carmarthenshire. 

In addition to the  launch of the manifesto, Carmarthenshire Labour outline our key pledges:

Together for Carmarthenshire, we will…
Run a modern, transparent Council that works for all of Carmarthenshire
Seek to reverse the privatisation of social care services
Re-start our council house building scheme
Build new schools fit for the 21st century and drive up standards.
Create a municipal bus company to improve public transport
Clean up our communities and make recycling easier.

Waiting in the wings: Jeff Edmunds

Cllr Jeff Edmunds, Leader of the Labour Group, said “I am extremely pleased to unveil our manifesto and Labour candidates for this year’s Council elections.

“If elected in May, we will create a modern, transparent Council, bringing greater openness and transparency to council business, engaging with our electorate, consulting appropriately and taking the necessary action in an honest manner. We will review the way we deliver services to the most vulnerable in our society, putting service before profit within social care. Our priority will be to put the care of the individual at the very top.

We will continue where we left off in housing, by re-starting our council house building programme. We are proud of our record in power, being the first Council in Wales to end right to buy, first Council in Wales to build council homes since the 1980s and investing £220 million on improving our housing stock. A Labour-led Carmarthenshire Council will continue this work.

We want to build a future for all our young people in Carmarthenshire, giving them an opportunity to secure a good education and future employment opportunities. We will aim to build strong cohesive bilingual communities throughout Carmarthenshire, seeking to create a municipal bus company in collaboration with neighbouring authorities to improve the transport links between communities.

We ask all our citizens to take more pride in keeping our streets and open spaces free from litter and dog fouling, but our resolve will be to take all necessary action to support this vitally important aim.

Rob James, Secretary for Carmarthenshire Labour said “We believe this is our most comprehensive manifesto to date, with a clear vision that the people of Carmarthenshire can judge our actions against. With the most number of candidates standing for Labour since 1999, we will take

Confidence in candidates: Nia Griffith MP

our message across the length and breadth of Carmarthenshire.

“These six policies offer a real alternative to the failed policies of the Plaid-led Council. Despite all their early rhetoric, Carmarthenshire Council is now the least transparent Council in Wales with an Executive Board that has very little vision, and merely attempts to steal credit for the work we achieved whilst in power. It’s time for change and together for Carmarthenshire, Labour will deliver for all of Carmarthenshire.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Nia Griffith MP stated “We have an excellent group of Labour candidates for county council, including people from many different walks of like, each

bringing their own experience but determined to do their best for their wards, and sharing an exciting vision for Carmarthenshire, pledging to get the very best value for taxpayers’ money, whilst safeguarding services, fostering job opportunities and town centre development and pledging to act upon residents’ requests, such as making glass recycling facilities more accessible.”

Lee Water AM added “Through campaigning our local Labour Party has successfully fought off cuts of 5% to our schools. If we were in a position to make decisions in County Hall we would fight for frontline services and for community involvement in the big decisions that affect them.”

You can read and download the full manifesto here:

Council Manifesto

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