Monday, December 5, 2022
Carmarthenshire Council leadership team is a Plaid -Independent alliance

Carmarthenshire Council leadership team is a Plaid -Independent alliance

CLLR Darren Price has been named as the Leader of the Council and Chair of the Cabinet after Plaid Cymru secured the majority of votes with 38 seats out of 75 at the Local Government Elections earlier this month. The new leadership of the Council is formed out of a Plaid-Independent Alliance.

The Independent group leader Cllr Jane Tremlett will be the Cabinet member responsible for Health and Social Services.

Cllr Price encouraged opposition councillors to come forward with ideas, saying:

“Over the next few years I am really keen to engage with members from across the chamber, on a regular basis, to discuss their ideas and concerns and to work together for the common good.”

Five members of the previous administration have retained their seat with five new members announced today

Deputy and Cabinet Member for Homes – Cllr Linda Evans

Cabinet Member for Workforce – Cllr Philip Hughes

Cabinet Member for Resources – Cllr Alun Lenny

Cabinet Member for Rural Affairs and Planning Policy – Cllr Ann Davies

Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Decarbonisation and Sustainability – Cllr Aled Vaughan Owen

Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services – Cllr Edward Thomas

Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Leisure Culture and Tourism – Cllr Gareth John

Cabinet Member for Education and the Welsh Language – Cllr Glynog Davies

Cabinet Member for Health and Social Services – Cllr Jane Tremlett

Carmarthenshire County Council Leader, Cllr Darren Price added:

“As an Administration we want to tackle Climate change, the cost of living crisis, regenerate our county’s economy and town centres, provide quality housing, raise educational standards, ensure social care support to our most vulnerable, improve public transport, see cleaner streets and deliver quality and effective council services. The council has already been doing a tremendous amount of work in these areas and our task now is to build on those firm foundations and realise our ambitions for Carmarthenshire.”


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