28th January 2021

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Carmarthenshire Council announce schools re-opening transport arrangements

PARENTS who have applied for school transport for their children for the re-opening of schools will receive an email by today, (June 26).

Pupils are being encouraged to safely walk or cycle to school where possible, and if the transport is needed, for parents to try to provide it.

School transport is only available to pupils who have been through the application process and are considered eligible.

Vehicles will be able to carry only a limited number of pupils due to social distancing requirements, and the council has had to work quickly with the bus and taxi companies to plan routes and put safety measures in place.

Travel will only be allowed on the day(s) on which the school has informed the council that pupils will be attending. Vehicles will run at the usual time and from the usual stop for morning journeys unless you are advised otherwise. School bus timetables are available to check on the council website.

Parents are being asked to please remind their children to wash their hands before and after travelling on school transport and to remind them to keep 2 metres apart when waiting at the bus stop.

Buses will be boarded one at a time keeping a safe distance between passengers, and the vacant seat at the rear of the bus must be used first. Similarly, when disembarking, pupils must do this one at a time keeping 2 metres apart, starting with the front seats first, working back in turn to the rear seats.

Remember pupils should not travel if they are feeling unwell, particularly if they have symptoms of COVID-19, or they live in a household with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive to COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

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Unfortunately, the council is unable to provide ‘spare seats’ during this period due to the severely limited capacity available.

Pupils with school bus passes cannot use school transport if a transport application has not been made for the ‘check-in, catch up and prepare’ sessions.

Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “We really appreciate parents’ co-operation on school transport during this unprecedented time.

“Due to the social distancing regulations, our buses are running with a much-reduced capacity, which is proving to be very difficult.

“We are urging children to walk, cycle or scoot to school where they can do so safely, or if they cannot, for parents to arrange transport.

“We will endeavour to keep parents up-to-date with the arrangements for September, once we receive further guidance from the Welsh Government.”

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