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Can we build a new Wales? Adam says ‘yes we can’

Can we build a new Wales? Adam says ‘yes we can’

Wales’ next great chapter written in the streets and alleyways of Wales: Adam Price, Leader of Plaid Cymru

CARMARTHEN East and Dinefwr Assembly Member, Adam Price, has been elected as the new Leader of Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales.

The result was declared today, Friday 28th September 2018, at the Novotel Hotel, Cardiff.

Adam Price took 49.7% of the first preference votes, just 37 votes away from winning in the first round.

The first round result was:

Adam Price – 2,863 (49.7%)

Rhun ap Iorweth – 1,613 (28%)

Leanne Wood – 1,286 (22.3%)

In the second round Adam Price received 618 votes to Rhun ap Iorwerth’s 348, taking the final result to:

Adam Price – 3,481 (64%)

Rhun ap Iorwerth – 1,961 (36%)


Adam Price served as a Member of Parliament from 2001 to 2010 before being awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to study a Masters in Public Administration and became a Fellow at the Centre for International Development at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

He returned to front line politics in 2016 where he was elected as the Member of the National Assembly for Wales in his former constituency.

Speaking about his fellow candidates, Adam Price said:

Friend before and after the leadership challenge: Leanne Wood, Rhun Ap Iorwerth and Adam Price

“We three were friends before this campaign, during the campaign and remain friends and comrades here now today. We have stood not against each other, but alongside each other, as servants of the party and the country and the people we love.

“In the coming months we must all show leadership, and Leanne and Rhun’s undoubted strengths, passions and merits will be absolutely essential as we face this next chapter in our history. I look forward to serving alongside them in the Government of Wales that we will form together in 2021.”

Addressing party members after the election declaration, the new Leader of Plaid Cymru said:

“I am profoundly humbled and honoured to be the nominee of this party as First Minister of Wales.

“Our time has come – and with it positive, dynamic, permanent change to Wales and its politics.

“The fate of our nation is a shared responsibility. We must all play a full part. We have to realise that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

“We must become the hope of those without hope. The disillusioned, the disenfranchised. Those who believe they cannot achieve their dreams; that we cannot ever become the Wales we need to be.

“Our message to the Welsh people must be simple: Yes Wales Can.

“We can be prosperous. We can be confident. We can be self-governing and successful.

“Our dream will not be deferred, our future will not be denied, because it is our destiny – the next great chapter in Wales’ story.

“It will not be written for us in the marbled halls of Whitehall and Westminster, but by us in the streets and alleyways of Wales, because our time for change has come.

“We’re on our way – and we won’t wait another day.

“Together we will win a New Wales.”

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