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Campaigners urge inquiry to keep Llanerch field as green and open space

Campaigners urge inquiry to keep Llanerch field as green and open space

CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to keep Llanerch field as an open and green space for the community as it has been they claim for the last 100 years.

Sharon Burdess and Heather Peters have attended a four day inquiry to give evidence in support of retaining the field for community use.

Carmarthenshire County Council have submitted a planning application for a new Welsh Medium School. It is claimed that the present Ysgol Dewi Sant School is not fit for purpose.

The duo of Heather Peters and Sharon Burdess have been embroiled in a fight against the county council since Llanerch was identified as a potential site for the new school. They along with supporters have campaigned vociferously online and via petitions and letters to try and prevent the council from realising their plans of building a new school on the green field site.

The campaigners are adamant that they are not opposed to the children getting a new school, nor the Welsh Language as some have claimed. They state that their opposition is to the choice of site alone and the associated risks of building over a giant sewage tank, the presence of Japanese knotweed and the proximity to a fast flowing river, which is prone to causing localised flooding. They claim the site is widely used by numerous community groups. They also claim that there was no consultation or notification before contractors turned up on the field and began test drilling when it was being used by the public.

The two parties now face a wait of approximately 5 weeks while the inquiry considers the evidence and makes its decision. Both ladies said that they intended to fight on if the decision went against them and were prepared to go to a judicial review.

Llanerch Field campaigners from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Carmarthenshire County Council is the planning authority for the county and is the only body that can make decisions on planning applications.

A page is created on the County Council’s website for each planning application when it is accepted as a valid application. All the application documents, and all comments on the application, can be viewed from that page and there is a link to an online comment form.

A decision will then be made on the application. Whilst a large proportion of decisions are made by a planning officer (employee) of the County Council, the more complex and/or controversial applications are decided by the County Planning Committee. If the decision is to be made by the Committee, the meeting will be advertised and Town and or Community Council representatives and members of the public can attend and make comments subject to prior application. However if the decision is made by an officer, it will be made in private and only written comments will be considered.

If planning permission is refused, or is granted subject to conditions, the applicant may appeal to the Planning Inspectorate (an independent body). However neither the Town and or Community Council nor anyone else opposed to a planning application can appeal if planning permission is granted.

You can  view the planning application for Llanerch  here: Carmarthenshire Planning Portal 

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