Sunday, May 28, 2023
Campaign will step up to save 146 Department for Work and Pensions Llanelli jobs

Campaign will step up to save 146 Department for Work and Pensions Llanelli jobs

Facing closure: The DWP building in Llanelli

The Department for Work and Pensions office has announced proposals to close Llanelli Service Centre and Pyle, Mountain Ash, Tredegar Jobcentres.

The change will result in the loss of 146 jobs in Llanelli.

Plaid Cymru Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said:

“The decision to move jobs out of Llanelli will have a huge impact on the town.

The spin-off in terms of the local economy has been overlooked by the Conservative Government in Westminster. Once again they look just at the spread sheet economy, rather than how we can start to re-build our communities after austerity.

“Since the election of the new Government, I’ve written to the Westminster Government, urging them to re-examine the case for closing the DWP offices in Llanelli. The sad fact if a billion pound bung for the DUP can be found to save Theresa May as Prime Minister surely the minority government can find additional resources for this department.

“The Tories should be investing in Llanelli town centre like Plaid Cymru led Carmarthenshire Council is doing, not pulling jobs out of Llanelli.

“Plaid Cymru will work with others to step up the campaign to secure the 146 jobs at the office.

“This announcement is another example why Plaid Cymru believes we should have the power over job centres to protect some of these jobs in Llanelli and elsewhere.

“Once again our lack of control allows the Conservatives to ride rough shod over the communities of Wales.”

The Mid and West AM has already raised the issue in the National Assembly this week.

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