Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Call for more power to deal with traffic offences

Call for more power to deal with traffic offences

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council is to ask the Welsh Government for more powers to deal with moving traffic offences.

Members agreed to make an application to designate certain streets as civil enforcement areas, allowing the council’s enforcement officers to deal with drivers who break traffic contraventions.

At present, the council only has authority to deal with parked vehicle offences.

It is hoped the move will help the council deal with complaints about parking and traffic movements at a number of sensitive sites, including Carmarthen’s Nott Square and Guild Hall Square.

Cllr Hazel Evans, executive board member for transport, told fellow councillors that the council received regular complaints about moving vehicles in these areas, mainly relating to the safety of the public and loss of amenity due to vehicles being parked at these sites.

She said the parked vehicles obstruct the free movement of pedestrians and traffic, cause congestion and pose a safety risk.

The set up costs would be funded by the authority’s development fund.

The recommendation was approved unanimously.

To watch the full debate and access the agenda documents about this discussion at Full Council, visit the council and democracy section of the council’s website –

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