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‘Calamity’ for owner of concrete covered classic car

‘Calamity’ for owner of concrete covered classic car

A Sandy Road resident and classic car owner says he was shocked to see one of his prized cars coated in concrete on Saturday (Jan 12).

Aled Roberts put the car outside in a lane to the rear of his home while he and his son worked on another classic car in his garage.

Speaking to Llanelli Online about the incident Aled said: “Like I normally do on Saturday morning I put the car in the lane. Me and my son had been working on another classic car in the garage. We went for a cup of tea and we noticed they (Taylor Wimpey) were pouring concrete on the site behind us.

“Our garage door was open so they knew we were there. We went to get the car in at 2 o’clock and it was all covered in concrete. They had been there digging and pouring concrete. I have pictures of the concrete splashing over the wall and down the fence. It was Taylor Wimpey.

“I contacted them before when they flooded my garage a few times. I contacted them but they have done nothing about that either. They caused £2000 of damage then and they didn’t offer any compensation.

“The car is in a bad state. I have to rub the car back to bare metal to get rid of the damage. I want compensation from them. I spent £3,000 on a respray of the car. I have photos of the car and the concrete slurry. I know exactly where it came from, it was only that area that they were working in on Saturday. If they don’t do anything about it it is criminal damage.

“I have called Taylor Wimpey and they said they would meet me. The outcome of that was that they said they would pay for a car wash.”

We contacted Taylor Wimpey for a comment.

A Taylor Wimpey spokesperson said: “As a responsible house builder, we have had a meeting with Mr Roberts and, as a gesture of goodwill, offered to reimburse the costs for him to have his car cleaned.

“We have also been in contact with Mr Roberts in relation to the flooding to his garage and his concerns have been responded to.”

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