Monday, February 6, 2023
Bynea’s cyclist car park causing community problems

Bynea’s cyclist car park causing community problems

Problem area: Bynea’s car park for cyclists

A community councillor in Bynea has raised concerns regarding problems on the cycle track at Bynea. Cllr Ian Wooldridge says that he has been contacted by local residents regarding indiscriminate parking at Yspitty Road by people using the cycle track.

Cllr Wooldridge is also hoping to address the problem of a lack of bins for general waste and dog poo. Problems of anti social behaviour at the car park at night have also been brought to the councillor’s attention and he is looking to have a gate installed at the car park to try and prevent further problems.

Speaking about the numerous issues residents had raised with him Cllr Wooldridge said: “General improvements are needed to the cycle path for users both pedestrians and cyclists. Also the wooden bridges are in need of urgent repair and maintenance.  While some of the wooden benches along the track have been removed or damaged.

“Residents are concerned that there have been instances regarding cars using the cycle path, a very dangerous situation.

“Graffiti is a growing problem on the blue bridge as well as on the misleading car park sign.”

Councillor Wooldridge is calling for these matters to be resolved and will be updating residents on the progress being made.

Any residents who wish to raise additional matters with Ian are very welcome to contact him on 07531615922 or

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