Sunday, June 4, 2023
Burry Ladies Bury Taffs Well

Burry Ladies Bury Taffs Well

Hard time: Ref Dorian Jones

The referee had a difficult time in what was at times an ill tempered game of rugby between Burry Port ladies and Taffs Well ladies today, Sunday (Apr 16) as the two teams met in the quarter final of the bowl. Burry Port had beaten the visitors on two previous occasions. Burry Port drew first blood with Rhian Jenkins scoring the first try.  The home team continued to put pressure on the visitors throughout the first half and got a second try through Kelly Gravell to end the first half Burry Port 10 – Taffs Well 0.

There was as much competition off the field as on as coaches locked horns on the sidelines and there were times when the referee looked to have lost complete control of the game as supporters and coaching staff continued to argue and occupy the field. It came to a head when the two teams clashed again following a touch line tackle, which saw all 30 players scuffling on the field. It was not a pretty sight, nor the best advert for ladies rugby.

Argy bargy aside, Burry Port were streets ahead and this may have contributed to the loss of tempers in the Taffs Well team. The second half began with Llinos Rees giving all the answers to any arguments with her rugby as she ran in a superb try in the corner. Taffs Well began to focus on their game instead of fisticuffs and they too ran in a try , which was beautifully converted to take the score to Burry Port 15 – Taffs Well 7. More disruption to the game followed as Taffs Well lost a player who was red carded for consistently giving away penalties. At one point it looked like the visitors were about to walk off the field before the end of the game. As it was Burry Port capitalised again and ran in the final try through Jenna Marshall to make the final score Burry Port Ladies 20 – Taffs Well Ladies 7.

Down but not out: Burry Port Ladies

Speaking after the game Burry captain Llinos Rees said it had been a tough game and that there were some incidents she would consider required citations. The Taffs Well team in part walked off the pitch without shaking hands, which encapsulated the friction and ill tempers shown throughout the game. Some of the ladies did at least shake hands and show their appreciation for the better team. Burry Port Ladies march on to the semi finals.



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