Sunday, June 4, 2023
Burglary at Station Road premises

Burglary at Station Road premises

A spate of burglaries have taken place along Station Road. At least three shops were targeted when thieves attempted to enter by breaking down the rear doors. One shop Retro City Bar was accessed when the steel rollershutter door was dismantled. Thieves made off with the till and a sum of cash, which had been stored at the shop.

Commenting on the issue of drug and alcohol related crime in the area  Nia Griffith MP said: “We see the devastation drugs cause on people’s lives. It is very important that this is tackled at source. Lets be honest it is the dealers who are causing the problems and they should be the ones the police go after. It is encouraging when we hear that they have made arrests and I do hope they will continue clamping down on drugs and alcohol related crime in Llanelli. We do see drug addiction ruining lives. It is interlinked and the more we can do to crack down on dealers and help the addicts I am sure it will have an impact on the rates of crime.”

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