Saturday, April 1, 2023
Bunny good fun at Parc Howard’s Easter Egg Hunt

Bunny good fun at Parc Howard’s Easter Egg Hunt

PARC HOWARD was the venue for an Easter bunny hunt on Monday (Apr 2).

Around 30 to 40 children took part in the hunt, which involved a trek around the park trying to find bunnies, which were all individually named.

Children were provided with a worksheet containing numbers, which had corresponding numbered bunnies dotted around the park, which they had to find.

There were two routes. One for the older children and one for the younger children. It was a very well thought out activity.

Despite the on and off rain the children and accompanying adults had some great fun on the hunt.

Inside the mansion house there was an Easter Bonnet Parade, which was judged by members of the Parc Howard Association.

No one was left out as all the children at the event received an egg.

Colouring activities kept the children busy and refreshments were available by way of a mobile caterer.

Master of ceremonies was the Reverend Eldon Phillips.

Photos: Noah Evans

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