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Bryngwyn builds on outstanding inspection report

Bryngwyn builds on outstanding inspection report

Delighted with their results: Chloe Peel and Chloe Conibear

BRYNGWYN School continues to deliver excellent outcomes for its learners on the brink of significant changes to education in Wales following GCSE results day this morning, Thursday (Aug 23).

The school continues to build on an outstanding inspection report with the work closely focused on enabling each individual pupil to achieve their potential.

Their top ten pupils achieved 122 grades at A* or A between them, an increase from 2017.

The top ten pupils from Bryngwyn were as follows:

  • Maisie Lloyd – 10.5 A* two A’s and one B
  • Rebecca Stephens – Ten A* and two A’s
  • Poppy Robertson – Nine A* and 3.5 A’s
  • Brooke James – 8.5 A*, four A’s and one B
  • Callum Bowen – 7.5 A* and five A’s
  • Thea Williams – Six A*, 5.5 A’s and two B’s
  • Ffion Bardsley – Six A*, five A’s and one B
  • Hannah George – Six A*, 4.5 A’s and two B’s
  • Elliot Jenkins – 5.5 A* and five A’s
  • Ellamay O’ Driscoll – Five A* and 7.5 A’s

37 pupils, almost 20% of the cohort, achieved five or more GCSE’s at A* and A whilst 92% of pupils achieved the new Welsh Bac Skills Challenge Certificate.

Subjects which the pupils exceeded in the most included Science, ICT, Electronics and Maths.

Welsh, identified as an excellent feature of the school by the ESTYN inspection recorded that 83% of all year 11 pupils archived A* to C grades, with 37% obtaining an A* or A grade.

For the 10th year in succession no pupils left without a recognised qualification.

Head of School Dave Williams said: “We are incredibly proud of this year group both as individuals and as a student body. They have made a positive and significant contribution to the school over the last 5 years. Their hard work has paid off and we wish them all the very best with all their future plans and ambitions.”

Karen Thomas, Head of Year 11 added: “I am thrilled with their achievements. The pupils and staff worked really hard together to archive these excellent standards. I with them all the best opening the next and exciting chapter of their lives.”

Head girl Rebecca Stephens, who achieved Ten A*s and two A’s commented: “This is an incredible feeling. I am really grateful for all the help I received in helping me to achieve these results and do the best I could.”

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