Botanic Battle in belting rain

Botanic Battle in belting rain

VISITORS to the National botanic Gardens of Wales encountered an almighty battle taking place today, Saturday (Aug 11).

It wasn’t the rush for the buggies, nor the scramble for the tea stall, nor the dash for cover in the rain.

The Sealed Knot provided the right Royal battle as they vied for territory in the grounds of Middleton Hall.

The year was 1644 or thereabouts and the Royalists (Cavaliers) led by King Charles the first and the Roundheads led by The Earl of Essex had a punch up and there was not a spray tan in sight.

We won’t go into the gory details of what happened suffice to say that there was more aggro than an episode of Eastenders.

During the day there was meant to be an historic episode of Judge Rinder as the villains, the militia and townsfolk were tried but the rain put paid to that.

We are sure we caught a glimpse of Gok Wan in the great glasshouse as the vintage costumes hit the catwalk for Mary Middleton’s (no relation to Kate) very own fashion show.

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Despite the rain young and old alike sauntered around the gardens making use of the shelter provided by the butterfly house and the cafe.

Photos: Elkanah Evans


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