Sunday, June 4, 2023
Bont left strapped for cash

Bont left strapped for cash

Residents in Pontarddulais are being left high and dry without cash as the sparsely located ATM machines in and around the town, which empty rapidly.

They are now calling for a new bank in the town and  more ATM  machines or at least more frequent stocking up of cash in the existing machines.

Local resident Steve Lloyd-Janes contacted Llanelli Online to highlight the problems being faced in the village. He said: “What we need is another bank or another location where an ATM is available 24/7.

“Twice in last six weeks I’ve been caught out without cash in the village. I was also caught out in Cross Hands as  there was no cash point working with money inn.

“Pontarddulais is growing and it  needs better services.”

Welsh Labour are also campaigning for more banks and ATM’s and has launched a petition where they call for  the big four U.K. Banks to provide the people of Pontarddulais with better banking facilities. Welsh Labour claim that currently residents have one 24 hour cash machine at Tesco which fails to meet the needs of the community. Although the town does have visiting mobile banks for a few hours a week residents claim it does not cater for it’s growing population.

In a twist of irony NatWest has launched an advert, which has the tagline ‘nobody should be thinking how to get cash without a card’.


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