Thursday, June 8, 2023
Bont Crash After Police Chase

Bont Crash After Police Chase

Chaos: The scene of the accident in Pontarddulais

REPORTS are coming in of a multi vehicle crash at the traffic lights on St Teilo Street in Pontarddulais. A local councillor contacted Llanelli Online and told us that a police car had been following a stolen car, which had  crashed into a number of vehicles. The accident is believed to have happened at approximately 3.30pm today, Thursday (Mar 16).

The accident caused chaos on roads around Hendy and Pontarddulais. Posts on social networks are now saying that the road has reopened.

A post earlier on the Fforest and Hendy Facebook page said:

Don’t bother going down the Bont guys. Crash by Tesco lights. Police were chasing a car it went through red lights and hit an old man in his car coming from the doctors road. Then the car being chased slammed into another car waiting to come out of garage.

Other posts claim that the car has passed by a local school at high speed.

Wreckage: Two of the cars outside the garage in Pontarddulais
Emergency Services: The Police, Ambulance and Fire Service were in attendance


UPDATE 20:22 Thursday (Mar 16) Dave Ward contacted Llanelli Online having witnessed the event from nearby. He said:

The VW came from the direction of the M4. It crossed the roundabout at a fair speed and drove in the direction of Pontarddulais past a queue of vehicles waiting at the red traffic lights. It appeared not to stop and looked like it was hit on the side by a car coming out from the left, presumably on a green light. The impact knocked it onto the edge of the petrol station forecourt and it came to a stop. At least one person appeared to get out. A bit far to see accurately but it looked like there were a few people on the forecourt. Don’t know whether they were from the car or were people surrounding the occupant/s.

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