Saturday, April 1, 2023
Boleyn’s scoops up local award

Boleyn’s scoops up local award

Local champion: Debra Evans

A bistro owner in Llanelli has won a prestigious award from the Business Education and Networking (BEAN) at a ceremony held at the Selwyn Samuel Centre on Friday (Sep 8). The awards were hosted by the Carmarthenshire Young Children’s Association (CYCA). Boleyn’s won the hospitality award for catering and small business startup, buying local and employing local.

Debra Evans (pictured) said: “I am thrilled to have received the award. The business is in its second year and we are fast gaining a reputation amongst the foodies as a ‘go to’ destination for high quality fine dining. We like to think that Boleyn’s is also known for the friendly and funky atmosphere and decor.

“We are open whenever anyone wants to book a table.”

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