Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Bluestone’s ‘Super Heroes’ rescue female motorist

Bluestone’s ‘Super Heroes’ rescue female motorist

WHEN the marketing team at Bluestone National Park Resort planned their Super Hero Day ­- the latest of the monthly ‘Fun Friday’ events they regularly organise- they had no idea that they would end up rescuing someone in real life.

But when a female motorist broke down on the busy road near their office at Canaston Bridge, the team was quick to put their alter egos to the test.

Jake Joseph, Marketing Executive, said the woman was shocked when the team of super heroes came outside to her car to help.

“At first she came into the office and asked if she could use our phone because she had broken down outside, I think she must have thought we were all mad,” said Jake who had dressed as ‘The Keyboard Warrior’.

“We are all dressed in crazy costumes, but that’s not unusual, to be honest. She used the phone then went back to her car.”

But when the team’s manager Glenn Hewer heard about the car, he rallied the team to go and help.

“The car was parked right in the road with trucks and cars passing quite quickly. We just wanted to get it off the road and into a safer position,” he said.

“We had some odd looks from passers-by who must have wondered what was going on. It was raining and a team of very colourful characters were pushing a car.

“It was an uphill push and to be fair for a team of superheroes it was tougher than I expected. But at least the woman was safe.”

Catherine Hancock, who was on her way to work at the Plantagent restuarant in Tenby, said she was really happy for the help.

“I was shocked when they tapped on my window and offered to help push me 200 yards or so up the road to safety. It was really kind of them and not something that happens to you every day.”


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