Saturday, April 1, 2023
Bluestones’ £7million SkyDome gets go-ahead

Bluestones’ £7million SkyDome gets go-ahead

BLUESTONE has been given approval for their groundbreaking £7 million SkyDome project.

Head of Projects Liz Weedon has said they are ‘delighted to secure approval for our groundbreaking SkyDome project.’

”We know that as well as being a hugely positve asset to the resort, vastly improving our guests’ experience, the SkyDome development will inject millions of pounds into the local economy.”

Ms Weedon said groundworks could now begin within weeks.

“We’re keen to get started on this exciting £7million project, which is expected to take around 15 months to complete,” she added.

It is anticipated that SkyDome will open to resort guests in spring 2019.

A UK first, it will see a transparent canopy arched over a massive 7000 sqm

area encompassing cafes, shops, activities and a 600-seat amphitheatre.

Initially it will create 55 new jobs at the resort and will see around £3m spent

within the local construction industry.

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