Thursday, June 8, 2023
Bluestone mean business this Christmas

Bluestone mean business this Christmas

It’s usually the best place to carve up deals and meet with busy entrepreneurs.

So when your staff take over the boardroom to talk about Christmas in October, they better mean business.

That’s why when Bluestone national park resort’s Sales and Marketing team were discussing the festive period more than two months early, it was decided to order a turkey, complete with all the trimmings.

They also invited their CEO William McNamara, who was more than happy to roll up his sleeves and carve the 18lb turkey.

It’s true, that most people will groan if you talk about Christmas too early or the shops start selling wrapping paper in August, but there’s always a way to get people on board, and having a party isn’t a bad way to start.

“Christmas is something we take very seriously here at Bluestone and, even though it’s only October, we have been planning our festive breaks at Bluestone since last July,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Glenn Hewer.

“The next job is to tell people about the resort and all the amazing things we have going on, but you can only really engage people if you’re in the right frame of mind, so that’s why we went all out to create a Christmas atmosphere.

“When the staff invited me to come for Christmas dinner in October, I thought I’d misheard, but given that everything we do here at Bluestone is always rather quirky, it didn’t take long to sink in,” said Mr McNamara.

The evening helped encourage staff to get in the mood for promoting Bluestone’s Kingdom of the Elves, which this year features ‘Elzopia,’ home of the pointy eared crazy helpers in training. “Christmas is always an incredible time for us here,” added Mr Hewer.

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